Ensuring Access, Meaningful Connections, and a World-class Education

With your support, the Student Experience and Diversity philanthropy program welcomes, assists, and inspires students to explore every opportunity available to them at Berkeley — so that they can step into the world with the tools they need to shape the future.

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What I know for sure is that my education and career will focus on breaking glass ceilings and positively impacting the lives of people like me.

Third-year Student
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This scholarship is a reminder that I have a group of people who believe in me and want to see me succeed.

Scholarship Recipient
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At a big university it’s easy to become isolated, and departments can be intimidating…I’m incredibly fond of my memories of my department, and many of them were shaped by Berkeley Connect.

Berkeley Connect Alum
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I stopped having to worry about how I’d afford my next meal, and could instead focus on how I would ace my next midterm. No student should have to prioritize food or shelter above their education.

Fourth-year Student


UC Berkeley throws open its doors and offers over 300 lectures, tours, performances, demonstrations and discussions. Many events are tailored for kids & families, prospective students, and the just plain curious. Come experience a day in the life of UC Berkeley! All events free, all ages welcome, campus wide.
April 18
9 a.m.–4 p.m.
UC Berkeley Campus